UN LIVE - A Museum for Humanity. Workshop at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark, 2015
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Poet and neuroscientist Pireeni Sundaralingam: UN-Live represents a pioneering opportunity to engage with problem s… https://t.co/SdofU6bMax

"Knowing about something will not necessarily make you a stakeholder of change. Embodied knowledge is more likely to instigate change. This means that if you have emotional or embodied knowledge about the climate, war and peace, or hunger you are much more likely to act upon it. I am excited by the fact that the UN Live will cultivate this kind of deep, emotional learning. " Olafur Eliasson

Museum for the United Nations - a platform for embodied knowledge and the cultivation of emotional learning @UNLiveMuseum @UN_Spokesperson
The construction of a waterfall.
You've got until 30 October to experience the exhibition at Versailles
Olafur's photos of Versailles
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Olafur's night photos of Versailles
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Close reading of Versailles artist's book - designed by Irma Boom. Order your copy on Walther König
"We have an opportunity to reduce suffering - so let's do it" The ever-inspiring @joanhalifax distributing Little S… https://t.co/GlgbpWjwr6
Autumn is pumpkin time in the studio kitchen. Have a look at their season-specific creations:… https://t.co/gDIXr5VdFz
This Wednesday: Poetry Jazz: Wax and Gold at Akademie der Künste, Berlin
Olafur moderates, there will be a screening of Clara Jo's film A-B-A-B-A: from here to there and experimental poetry performance by Rike Scheffler and Robel Temesgen
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Olafur Eliasson Versailles is closing Sunday, but the amazing catalogue by @irma_boom is available at Walther König… https://t.co/BE1iPQRBaJ
Close reading of Versailles artist's book - designed by Irma Boom. Order your copy on Walther König
@fiacparis with the great Mayor of Paris @Anne_Hidalgo - her very inspiring effort and leadership on climate change… https://t.co/Sylo71Npxj
The body is an ecosystem that functions best when populated by diverse species of microorganisms. #Fermentationhttps://t.co/4lHWCKx6lZ
Frankfurt Book Fair begins tomorrow! Authors respond to "this is what we share" on Moon. #fbm16 @Book_Fair @aiwwhttps://t.co/IXBtHpCzXh
Tomorrow: Moon at Frankfurter Buchmesse #FBM16
Little Sun
Trailer: Former IfREx-participant, artist Anne Duk Hee Jordan's film Ziggy and the Starfish
A film on sexuality from the perspective of marine life, read more: Institut für Raumexperimente